Meet Chiselle.

Expertise is just the beginning…

Using her astute observation skills combined with her ability to quickly develop rapport, Chiselle, a lifelong Californian, has been successfully navigating clients through their journey of selling or purchasing a home since 2003. 

With about $200 million in sales, she’s sold more than 220 homes predominantly serving as the listing agent in the new home and resale sector. She has unique insight into what Buyers look for, how they respond to the way a home is presented, and how they make their purchasing decisions. All while maintaining her fiduciary duty of representing the Seller; getting top dollar for the homes.

Full service — No compromise.

Chiselle, a San Francisco Bay Area native, began her Real Estate career in one of the most competitive markets in the world. This fast-paced, high-tech environment cultivated a deep understanding for the need to create memorable first impressions  so that listings or offers on a home stand out. In 2012, she moved to Los Angeles, another competitive market, and eventually settled into beautiful, urban-suburban Irvine, CA.

She uses that energy, competitive spirit, and get things done attitude that led to success in her previous markets to confidently guide her clients to the finish line in Orange County. She considers herself a transplant who is able to view Orange County with a different lens. The role of ambassador to her clients is a huge honor that requires a lot of trust and it’s not a role she takes lightly. As a bilingual agent, Chiselle is able to service her Spanish-speaking clients in the same manner as her English-speaking clients.

Humble brag...



Over 220

Homes sold


Fluent – English & Spanish


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She’s just as passionate about Orange County as she is about helping you find your dream home.