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MECCO SPE Implementation

Project Objective: Build out a central Customer Service environment with an extended Tier 2 customer service department (for technical support) and an Inside Sales unit with limited outside sales/field support.

Project Outcome: Customer Service department with 3 members and Sales team w/6 members. Also created a process for the marketing department to keep an ongoing funnel of inbound leads for the sales team to process. Role: Project Manager (implementer/consultant)

Responsibilities: Recruiting, training, software update recommendations for new processes, keeping the project on time, and reporting to champions and stakeholders. Weekly stakeholder meetings to report on progress, reallocate resources, if needed, and review of budget and sales achieved to date.

Lamar SPE Implementation

Project Objective: Build out an Inside Sales unit in the headquarters office for proof of concept that sales could be achieved inside. Financially, the goal as to break even with a $1 million budget Project Outcome: Built a team of 4 Inside Salespeople, 2 supports, 1 manager, integrated CRM to manage opportunities, implemented Sales Process, provided training, marketing process, lead generation, list compilation, performance review for the sales team. Outcome after 12 months as $160k profit.

Project Manager- Created Project Plan, oversaw implementation, trained manager, reported to stakeholders and champions, kept the integrity of the process that was created, managed relationships with individual contributors as well as executives.

AOT Website

Project Objective: Rebrand and rebuild client website to promote sales via online submission along with outbound efforts to support newly developed inside sales team and allow the CEO/Owner of the organization to be able to travel less.

Project Outcome: New branding and fully functioning website with automated marketing tool integration included.

Role: Project Manager Responsible: – Liaison between client and web team, submitted change requests, adjusted timeline, and expectations. Communicate tech requirements for a marketing automation tool integration with CRM. Trained the owner and primary team members on how to properly utilize the marketing tool and use of standard practices for recording and interpreting data.

American Auction SPE Implementation

Project Objective: Build out Customer Service and Inside Sales team Project Outcome: Team of 3 Customer Service Reps, 1 Sales Manager and 2 Inside Sales Reps, client went out of business before concept could be proven (the project was ultimately abandoned after a year as the company went under). There was a revolving door of individual contributors. Once a new employee was trained up, they would quit and leave the organization. It would require consistently bringing in new employees and each time that would add to the expense of the overall project. Out of all the projects I have handled, this was the largest failure. We were completely over budget and there were no results to indicate that the process developed for which the project was created, would ever work in this environment.

Role: Project Manager Responsibilities: Recruiting Customer Service and Inside Sales team members, developing a project plan, establishing a training program for Customer Service and Sales teams, training for Managers, implementing CRM software and reporting tools, reporting progress to stakeholders and champion.