4 Tips to Sell Your Home Faster

by Chiselle • July 30, 2019

Since June of last year, we have seen an increase in the inventory of homes for sale month per month. Every spring and summer, the inventory increases because people want to sell their home. For those with children, they may want to be in their new home for the beginning of the school year. If […]

Actualización del mercado de la vivienda de medio año: tres cosas que debe saber hoy

by Chiselle • July 28, 2019

Las tendencias cambiantes y la investigación líder en la industria apuntan hacia algunas proyecciones valiosas sobre el estado del mercado de la vivienda para el resto del año. Si está pensando en comprar o vender, o si solo quiere saber que dicen los expertos que está en el horizonte, aquí están las tres cosas principales […]

What a Difference a Year Makes for Sellers

by Chiselle • July 27, 2019

Over the last few years, many sellers have been hesitant to put their houses on the market because they feared not being able to find another home to buy. You’ve seen reports on inventory shortages in the past, and it’s been a constant concern for potential buyers throughout recent years. New research shows the inventory concern […]

Mid-Year Housing Market Update: Three Things to Know Today

by Chiselle • July 27, 2019

Shifting trends and industry-leading research are pointing toward some valuable projections about the status of the housing market for the rest of the year. If you’re thinking of buying or selling, or if you just want to know what experts are saying is on the horizon, here are the top three things to put on […]