Now that you know how to create your own wishlist, here is a list of the topics you need to discuss (as described in the video above) that you can use to guide you in the process.


  • Who will be living in the home?
  • Will there be any pets in the home?
  • Are there any large collections that need to be accounted for?
    • Unique furniture (or furniture that MUST go with you)
    • Art work
    • Gym Equipment
    • Large Toys (motorcycles, bikes, etc.)


  • What is the maximum acceptable commute time?
  • Are schools an important consideration?
    • If not now, will they be in the near future?
  • Views?
    • Beaches, hills, parks, etc.


  • How about the age of the home? Does it matter?
  • Move-in condition
    • This is subjective. What does “move-in” mean to you and your household?
  • Swimming pool?


  • What type of home do you want? Farmhouse, Victorian, Mediteranean
    • Does it matter to you?
  • How many stories? And why?
    • What is the maximum?
    • What is the minimum?
  • What kind of parking do you need?
    • Do you need a garage?
      • Does the garage need to fit all cars?
    • Is a carport ok?


  • Do you tend to entertain in a casual or formal manner?
  • How may bedrooms?
  • How many bathrooms?
  • What are the kitchen features you require?
  • What kind of living room do you need?

Once you have your list you’ll be ready to move on to the next step. Don’t know what that is? Let’s talk!

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